So…MPC vs. Maschine?

What’s up! My name is JK Swopes aka “saintjoe”, I’m a technology specialist and owner of SoundsAndGear, Maschine Tutorials, and Push Tutorials.

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I’m a huge fan of both the Akai MPC and Native Instruments Maschine product lines, and I’ve personally used them both for many years.

People often ask how they compare to the other, or which one is “better”. I feel they both have plenty of dope features, as well as things that I would like to see improved. In the end, I think it really depends your desired workflow.

This site is dedicated to celebrating both the similarities and differences between these two powerhouse beatmaking platforms, from the viewpoint of someone who enjoys using both.

From hardware layout and features, to browsing, software integration, sound libraries, workflow tips, and more, this site contains information showcasing both product lines.

Maybe this info will help you choose one over the other, or maybe you’ll end up like me, and enjoy using both! LOL.

Either way, enjoy the site!

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