Maschine Plus vs. MPC One – Hardware Build & Connections

No matter how you feel, people are and will continue to compare the Maschine Plus to the MPC One. Both are standalone samplers, sequencers, and drum machines. Both can be used as controllers for software, and neither one of them have an internal battery.

They both have SD card slots, MIDI I/O, headphone jacks, and USB ports. The MPC One has a touch screen, Maschine+ has 2 color screens. Maschine+ has a touchstrip, the MPC One has actual plastic buttons and not rubberized ones.

Both of them have the volume control on the back of the unit. Both of them have 16 pads…(though the MPC One pads are smaller). The MPC One has 4 qlink knobs and a jog wheel, the Maschine+ has 8 macro knobs and a jogwheel.

Which hardware do you prefer?

Buy an MPC One –

Buy a Maschine Plus –

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