MPC One vs. Maschine Plus – CPU Use When Loading Kits

One of the first differences I noticed from the MPC when I got the Maschine+ was the CPU usage. I generally load a bunch of kits and just use the sounds I want on each group. Sometimes I just duplicate the same kit and use kick/snare, hats, perc, all in their own group.

I quickly found out this wasn’t going to work on the Maschine Plus. So I’ve learned to change my workflow, copy only the sounds I need from group to group instead of the whole group, and generally be more mindful of what I’m loading and using on my groups and in my project as a whole.

So this is not something you can’t work around, but it is definitely something you have to think about, which can hinder your creative flow and be pretty frustrating at times.

The MPC One overall is pretty efficient on CPU( same as other current MPCs), I can load multiple kits, instruments, plugins, etc, and I’ve never run into a CPU overload.

I’m hoping with a few tweaks NI can optimize this part of the standalone Maschine Plus experience.

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