Why I bought an Akai MPC One and My First Thoughts

I’ve been an MPC head for many years, before Ableton Live, before Maschine, I was rocking an MPC 4000. I currently have the MPC X and the Akai Force (along with Push and Maschine).

Yeah…I dig sampler/sequencers.

The button layout of the MPC One, along with the size and value had me super interested to check it out, I couldn’t resist any longer and bought one last week.

It just came in, so I wanted to share my initial thoughts. No this isn’t a feature review, it has the same features of the other current MPCs from Akai (just in a smaller form factor)

So this is just me sharing my initial thoughts and my reason for getting it.

Let me know what you think!

Grab your own MPC One: http://bit.ly/AkaiMPC_One

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